Affiliate Program

Step 1 - Register by clicking here

Step 2 - You can share your affiliate link (Found on the info page). You will receive 30% of all the sales you bring in. This link goes directly to our home page.

Step 3 - If you want to create a link for a specific product you promote (this gives you a higher chance of sales due to less distraction).

You can use the Link Generator. You just need to copy and paste a specific link from our website and click generate.

Step 4 - You can share the 'affiliate link' and once again - all sales from that link will be credited to you.

Please note - you will receive ALL sales generated within 30 days of a customer clicking your link. This includes all of our abandoned cart recovery sequences.

You can track your statistics on the home page of the Affiliatly dashboard (bookmark for easy access).

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